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Welcome to Mykonos

My Trip: May 21, 2007. Cruise.

Mykonos The Birthplace of Apollo, Mykonos Shines Like a Diamond in a Sapphire Sea
  • The most beauitful icons on the island are in the Church of Agia Kiriaki. You may find the charming Square of the Three Wells - local legend has it that unmarried girls should drink from each of the three, in order to find the right husband.
  • There was always a danger of invasion by pirates, so the town and harbor are compactly built for defense. You may hear that the tight, winding maze of streets was designed to confuse invaders, but it also does well to break the effects of the strong winds coming in from the Aegean.
  • A good place to start a walking tour is the square dedicated to local patriot Mando Mavrogenous. (Mando was a wealthy young woman during the Greek war of independence, who fit out two ships at her own expense. They inflicted a stunning defeat on a large band of Algerian corsairs).
  • The tiny island of Delos is only a short ferry ride from Mykonos but reveals a stunning tradition as a religious center for the Ionian Greeks.

Mykonos is the best island in the Cyclades for shopping. You will find good buys in Jewerly Gold: Works in ancient and Byzantine designs Folk Items Numerous Greek Handicrafts, especially pottery reproductions Hand painted icons of the Byzantine originals Also rugs and embroidered linens.

Public Services

Post Office: located at Lakka Square, open weekdays from 8:00am to 2:00pm

Banks: Open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 2:00pm

Museums: Vary greatly but most are open Wednesday through Monday from 9:30am to 2:00pm. Some are also from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. The Archeological Museum of Mykonos is located very close to the old port area of Mykonos town, above the Yachting club.

Shops: Open from 9:00am to 10:00pm

Proper Attire
Please wear proper attire ashore when planning to visit churches, cathedrals and other scared places. Shorts for both men and women are considered improper. Women should also cover their bare shoulders.

Local Cuisine
Food specialties eating is a lively social activity in the Cyclades.
Recommended foods include:
  • Tarmosalata - Smoked fish roe
  • Keftedes - Spicy meatballs
  • Dolmades - Vine or cabbage leaves wrapped around savory rice and sometimes mincemeat, often served with an egg and lemon sauce
  • Also, be sure to try the islands traditional almond biscuits
Drink specialties
The wine from nearby Santorini is a Greek favorite, particularly Boutari in both Kokkino (red) and aspro (white).

Ouzo - a clear, licorice flavor liqueur, is the favorite aperitif. Sip it slowly over a plate of mezedes or appetizers. You'll also want to try:

Brandy - Botrys and Metaxa

Mavrodaphne - A heavy dessert wine

suggested tipping is 10 percent for good service

Some useful words
Yes..................Malista or Ne
Thank you.......Efcharisto
Good Morning.....Kalimera

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