Thursday, March 17, 2011

Train and Bus to Southern California.

The bus was running a little late in the early morning, picking us up in San Francisco. Bus left at 6am in the morning. Now that is one great way to see the State of California. By Bus.

Arrived in Santa Barbara around 1pm and the Train was late and pushed back to 2:45pm. The Train finally arrived and got settled in my seat and got food, which I hadn't ate since January 1 at breakfast. So i grabbed some yogurt, OJ and snacks at the food bar.

And then the train was delayed some more because there was a tree branch on the tracks which they had to go clear so that pushed us back a couple of minutes. The wonderful world of Traveling eh!

Another great way to see the State of California, By Train. We robe by the ocean side for a bit and then inland the other half. So you could say i got to see it all.

While all this time, it was raining quite some amounts. But at least it was rain and not snow where I am from. There was about five-six stops in between before mine. So i got to see the backside of California towns from the train view.

A stop along the way to my destination. I would have to go back in my facebook status's to read my updates of which stop is which. I will have to do it another day. I would love to rent a car next time in California and only in California and just drive through the state stopping everywhere possible.

The State of California Landscape from the Train.

I arrived to my destination, Van Hays, California. And the Bus is delayed. Greatness! The joy of traveling. It was getting dark fast, so i ended up texting anyone possible back home if near computer to grab me a phone number to a LA Taxi service. Because I did not want to wait for the bus until 9pm and by then it would have been VERY DARK and not safe.

So i called a cab. And it came rather quickly. Not your usual cab, usual meaning, yellow and easy indication it was a cab. No this was a private own company i am assuming. But it got me to my hostel and that is all that it mattered. It ended up costing me 50 bucks but that was better than waiting at the bus depot waiting for the bus. and Plus i got to see  LA TRAFFIC AT RUSH HOUR. oh boy! First San Francisco and then Los Angeles. Now i have seen it all. ha! Red Lights of cars from miles. It was not to bad, quick you could say.

Arrived safely to the hostel and checked in. Although it is sure a different atmosphere Los Angeles at night than during the day, i was hoping to arrive during the day. As i set bags into room and then went to go find computers to check email and update facebook saying i have arrived. By this moment, i was missing all my new friends back in San Francisco. Now i have never been in a hostel before so this was my first. Shared a room with 7 other ladies.

I was still recovering from New Years, it was a long hangover or so i told myself but maybe parts to do with missing all my new friends back in San Francisco.

It's time for me to get some Shut eye so i can have some energy to shop till i dropped the next day in Santa Monica. ;)

January 2, 2011
Santa Monica, Los Angeles.

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