Saturday, March 19, 2011

Leaving Los Angeles

After i got back from the beach January 3,2011 i paid for the airport shuttle to come pick me up at the hostel and take me to the airport as to finding my own taxi to the airport.

January 4, 2011: Now the sun comes out and wants to play and be friendly with the weather as i head off to the airport.
Used the Hostel Airport Shuttle to take me to the airport as it would have been better then hailing a cab. Although I do not mind California cabs, they get you to your destination so fast making it cost inexpensive.

Culver City area of Los Angeles. This is where my Friend Stephanie lives. Taken from the Van (Shuttle). We made one stop before the airport at a Holiday Inn picking up three other guys from Toronto, they were in LA for some sport thing.

Los Angeles Mountain Scene. Lovely isn't it! Also taken from Shuttle.

City of Angels. Wait for me I will be back, you can make my 24th birthday a memoriable one. Lets try and top New Years if that is even possible. But it will be fun trying.
Thank you Contiki for getting me to California <3

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