Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Contiki Tourmates.

Hi Contiki Peeps.... So you are about to set off on your next tour (or for some your first) and you are probably traveling solo and you will not know anyone when you arrive. No worries. You can "meet" up before you all set foot on the airplane and arrive at the destination of the tour.

Contiki Discussion Forum http://www.contiki.com/

I met one of my Tourmates so far through the Contiki forums, He is from Toronto Canada. And then we added eachother to facebook. Contiki Forum is a great inital meeting spot ;)

But love the new Layout they created for the Discussion Forum on the website, much nicer than before. Great work!


http://www.facebook.com/ContikiAustralia#!/Contiki & http://www.facebook.com/ContikiAustralia

Met two of my Tourmates, from the San Francisco New Years group I had made, one from america and the other from australia, Melbourne.

Another Tourmate created a group for all the San Francisco New Year Tourmates plus Tour manager to join and keep in touch.

From today on, we still keep in touch. When Brooke gets back home in Australia I will start to plan my BIG Australia trip.... don't worry Contiki you will be apart of it <3


I have not yet met any Tourmates through twitter yet but I have met quite a bit of contiki passengers that are traveling with contiki for the first time. Never know maybe one day we will do a tour together.

If you have, please tell us your story...

So start getting out there and meeting your Tourmates... and have fun on your Tours!!!

And cannot forget about all you Contiki peeps I met last month  in Calgary at the VIP Euro Bash... Love you guys :) ... tweeting wicked contiki tweets ever since my trip, and then this party shows up and we got to meet eachother <3

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