Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's really cold here. let's go find a beach!

Three full days of spring and so far *looks around* .... nothing but snow, snow and more snow. What is mother nature trying to pull on us, at least give us some sunshine so there is something we can smile about. This is starting to get really depressing, although alberta is known to have the worst winters in canada but that is inexcusable.

So while the snow keeps falling day after day, I keep searching for a escape getaway. why couldn't contiki have last minute deals on airfares also and not just trips.

It is cold enough for frosty the snowman to be living comfortable. Have you ever wondered if there was a magical hat that could bring a snow man to life? wouldn't that be cool if there was - you could have a best friend to hang out with each day. But beware of men that will want to steal his magical hat. ha!

You know what I have not yet done or even tried, making a sandman "snowman" made out of sand. OMG i am so going to try that this summer when in los angeles and, Milsa, Stephanie and I are laying in the sunshine soaking up the sunshine on Venice Beach. Stay tuned for the Picture.

Beaches around Edmonton are not sandy beachs but snowy beaches at the moment so those will not do. Australia beaches might be good go as when canada and united states are in winter, their in winter.

Corfu, Santorini Greece. Croatia? California? Florida?

Where should we go?

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