Thursday, September 06, 2012

Living Leduc .... Take two

Sipping tea and plane spotting is the recipe for stress relieving and quite calming. The green tea soaring down your throat, having your mind escape that present state while air Canadá or westjet flying over your head into Edmonton international airport. Thinking in just one hundred and twelve days you will be on a plane towards your next destination.

One wouldnt Think Edmonton is a very busy airport but even myself I am surprised how many fly in and out of airport, mainly air Canadá and westjet homes the airport though because those are the planes you will see more frequently.

Since living in Leduc i have found the best plane spotting locations, which is perfect for that morning / afternoon coffee or tea on ones day off to sit back sip and watch the planes arriving and leaving. Very soothing and calming.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One day in Newport Beach

You know the reason why I wanted to go visit Newport Beach was because I was and am still such a fan of the TV series, The OC. It is such a great well done TV series – great for being able to get your drama fixes when you do not have drama in your life because you avoid such. And then I ended up loving Newport Beach, even though driving through Newport during the summer was a little tough because it was quite hard to find a parking stall. It is a very happening part of Orange County and yet expensive as Brooke and I wandering around browsing the housing market. Trying to find her and her new husband of, just little over a year now a house, Ha! Just kidding – just because it is something to do and the houses there are fabulous I would not mind owning a house if I had a couple million dollars.

It is defiantly a happening part of the county for sailing there were a ton of sailboats there - and to be honest felt a little jealous I did not book my time on one so i could say i sailed on the Gold Coast of California. Now that would have been fabulous sweet. Next time! 

We would have been in Newport Beach earlier on in the morning but I had to make a stop in Anaheim at a very special place that they all know me - Now some of you probably could guess already where I stopped and it would not be a surprise at all knowing me. So should I wait and let you all guess and make it a fun little game or should I just tell you? oh what the heck I will tell you - I can't do that, it is like word vomit and it will come out later on anyways. I stopped by the Offices of Contiki Holidays USA. Oh my, you would surprised and did not expect that i Bet haha! 

Okay now that the word vomit came out lets back to the most fabulous Orange County in California, my day in Newport. 

Visiting Balboa Pier - Yes i had to take a picture of the name plate because to be honest I would not have remembered it else wise and that is just what we Travel bloggers do, take pictures of everything so we can share and give you the ideas on where to go on your next getaway. 

At lunch I probably ate like the "Hollywood" actors, not much. But again they in Newport Beach fill your plate unlike some other places I went to downtown Los Angeles at LA Live by the Staples Center. 

I do not even know where to begin about Newport because I love it - I could move there tomorrow or in that case drive down tomorrow and revisit the fabulous Orange County. Actually to be honest why all of a sudden I am thinking about Newport because I am watching The OC season two again, on a wednesday night when I should be out with friends or spreading the Contiki word to new adventure seekers. I am here in my room in Leduc listening to the Planes fly in and out of the International Airport watching The OC and blogging to you all - so you all have something to read. So your welcome, and I am getting off topic once again.

How long do you have? 1 hour or 72 hours? 

Never actually seen docks painted on them with time limits on how long you can park your boat for. But clever idea, especially in a County of California where Sailing is very common and everyone owns a boat. Maybe I should implement it here in Canada at our Lake - do you think they would go for that! Nah! We Canadians do not park in unnecessary spots for that long anyways and if we do, then the peace officer is on our butts to make us move.

So lastly, Visit Newport Beach.. Rent that car in California that you wanted to rent and drive to Newport - it will be well worth the gas. And do not worry about the gas because renting a car in California is cheap, I would do it again! xo

Friday, August 24, 2012

Funny Photo Friday

So on my way home from work I had to stop by Wal-Mart and funny thing, is this for real?? Why oh why Wal-Mart - what are you trying to accomplish! Special Parking for their shining star and their 4 star cashier??

I do not know what else to say! except... say what!?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Living Leduc

I am trying not to Explore my new city all at once Bécause if I do then I will just grow really bored with it in less than a year and if I do by the time that the year rolls around, you would see this gypsy packing up her suitcase and moving again. Actually want to hear something, I am still living out of my suitcase - talk about gypsy living or what eh!!!

So this morning, gloomy Thursday morning you would Think there is not much happening in a small city Especially during the week but to be honest if you look really closely you will be able to find something to do always. Like this morning 10am to 1pm - the Farmers market Where you can but your daily garden vegetables or home made crafts that people make themselves and sell them. Where ever you are, what ever Type of Farmers market going on go ahead and check it out Bécause it will give you something to do for that extra hour and fill in the void, and you never know who you will meet. You can meet some pretty Nice people at the Farmers market. Go ahead and try it and experience your local Farmers market - you will like it.

Five Colors, Five Destinations.

I was tagged a month ago in another travel blogger's post to do this and I just got super busy with work and forgot - so before I forget to do this again. Produce a blog post with photographs that capture five colors. Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red.

Capture the world in colors and not by passport stamps.... Open your mind and let your eyes do the wandering and your feet do the walking - and who knows what you will see!

Blue: London, England- Queens guard. Got to give these guys props for being able to stand still for as long as they do without moving a muscle or talking. I just hope they get paid good money to stand there all day.

Green: Santa Monica, California in the summer time. What are the odds i would return back to Santa Monica twice in the same here. Last visit was in January 2011 and I Returned for the summer of 2011 and it is defiantly a different atmosphere, city in the summer let me tell you.

Yellow: Now where can you only get beer at Mcdonalds? In Europe... Correct. But in this case I was in Paris, France and when in Paris... I do not normally eat at Mcdonalds but I had to make a exception just for the beer.

White: When London calls.... Gordon Ramsey comes answering so I listened, made reservations six months ahead of time to guarantee my spot at his fabulous restaurant in London, England. How can i describe his restaurant.... Fabulous, Magnificent! The food was to die for....

Red: Last destination on the blog post... Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. You can not go to San Francisco without seeing this massive landmark let alone walk or ride across the bridge. And here is a true story for you; group of kids one night drove a Volkswagen beetle to the middle of the bridge and decided to bungee cord it off the bridge so when people woke up the following morning, they woke up to the news that a VW beetle was hanging from the Golden Gate Bridge and from today onwards, that VW Beetle still lays on the bottom of the San Francisco Bay underneath the Bridge.
So there you have it, Five destinations with five colors. Blue for London, Green for Santa Monica, Yellow for Paris, White for Gordon Ramsey Restaurant in London and Red for Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Now it is my turn to pass the challenge of this fabulous blog post to capture five colors to some more bloggers..... @Jisforjoelle, @OneDayInACity, @YouSomeWherelse, and @PckYourPassport

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guru Edmonton

Guru Fine Indian Cuisine is located in West Edmonton and it is a unique fine dine restaurant serving quality Indian cuisine, either if it is a express lunch, private dining, catering or Take out - Guru has your fine Indian Cuisine.
My folks asked me to pick somewhere to go for a birthday dinner and since I have always driven by this Fine restaurant, I always needed to try it so therefore I had got my chance. I love trying new things, keeps the mind wide open for new opportunities.

Very exclusive times that the restaurant is open at - but well worth the experience if you are not worried about money. Because this is not a cheap restaurant, you will have to pay beyond your normal restaurant bill to experience Guru's Fine Indian Cuisine. But as I say, you only live once and when the opportunities arise can't shy away, you have to jump aboard with two feet and enjoy the ride.

There is so many yummy new exciting meals to try on their menu, as it may look a little overwhelming because you have not been there before and you are not to sure what to try first - but do not let that overwhelm you. Especially if you go with a group of friends, an idea is that each one orders something different and that way you can sample more than one dish.

Appetizers - Guru butter Chicken Samosa, Chicken Pakora, Shrimp Pakora, Pepper Calamari and Chilly Chicken.

All you Vegetarian's out there do not worry you can still enjoy this Fine Indian cuisine because they do have vegetarian selections along with soups and salads. So therefore you can choose from their Indian Entrees or vegetarian Entrees.

The meals do not come with rice, you have to order that separate - Coconut rice was my favorite.  

17021 100 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5S 1T9
P: 780 484 4300