Monday, March 21, 2011

VIP Contiki Euro Bash

February 24, 2011 in Calgary.
It's new Have You Done It? Campaign.

some 200 industry partners made it out for the event, and ME the contiki passenger made the drive down from Edmonton to attend this marvelous event ;) but again who would turn down a contiki party!

There is no messing around when Contiki throws a party! ;)

 Located on Opus on 8th downtown Calgary. 

Night before in Calgary before for the Bash, Emily tweets me and asks me to phone her while she and the rest of the contiki team were sitting around having cocktails informs me they had offered to pay for my hotel room for the night! Love you guys :) Thank You. Your Awesome.

Arriving at the party I made my way through the crowd to the back of the room to take pictures with the greek girls with the Contiki backdrop. As I pushed back to the VIP area I started talking to Monica and from onwards that is when everyone started recognizing me. My 'famous contiki tweets'.  Love you guys :)

Hope I am keeping up my outstanding contiki tweets....

Brad making sure some important people were getting recognized...

new Have You Done It? campaign Videos;
and the video that has reached over 30k viewers

Party Continues... Contiki Style...
Jenni, Josie and Kate

Sheralyn and Kate

Emily and Kate (And she did happen to be the one who invited me)

Josie and Kate

Kate and Monica

Kate and Jenni

Brad, Kate and Emily

So Contiki... definately feel free to invite me to more of your parties. Ok? Thanks.

Shoutout To: @ContikiB @ContikiJosie @ContikiJenni @Ms_ContikiEmily @ContikiPR @ContikiMoniki @ContikiBerri

xx Kate

VIP Euro Bash Calgary Feb 24, 2011
Opus on 8th

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