Thursday, March 17, 2011

Streets of Santa Monica, California.

January 3, 2011; It was a rainy gloomy day as i woke up at 10am and started my day in La La Land where i first went for a walk. Not sure where i was headed I just let my feet take me wherever. Nothing was quite open yet as it was still a little early.

There was alot of construction of buildings and plans of future buildings to be built in the surrounding areas. The Picture below, so cool seeing all the tall palm trees line up in a row down the street. Just like the movies, but 100% way better.
The only scenery of Los Angeles I have seen were pictures and in movies, So really I did not know what to expect. But it i give it two thumbs up and a passing grade. Defiantely can not wait till i return. And Stephanie I promise you this time i will make time for you, my friend.
See i was suppose to meet up with my friend Stephanie that lives in Culver City, LA but i was still recovering from my hangover from New Years Eve and I just ended up going down to the beach sitting in the sunshine on one of the lifeguard stands taking in my surroundings, surreal i made it to the west coast. (Sorry Stephanie. Love you)
Now i have seen the Pacific Ocean, as i saw the Atlantic Ocean when i was in New York some years ago for my 18th birthday. But that is for another blog entry.

I should have rented a car for the two days i was in Los Angeles it would have been way better or even a bike, nah! A car would have been better.

The sun started to show up by mid-day.

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