Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shop - Santa Monica, California.

January 3, 2011: after waking up at 10am and taking my walk i wondered by Santa Monica shopping strip malls. It was very quiet, not many people out and about as it was rainy and cloudy, and of course a monday. I am from Canada so this little Los Angeles cold was nothing to me.

I was at 1436 2nd St, International Hosteling Santa Monica. Take a Right walking out from the Hostel and that becomes Santa Monica Blvd, then take a left and you come to Third Street Promenade - take a right and that brings you to Broadway Blvd and Santa Monica Place (shopping center). All amazing stores you will not be disappointed!!

Must visit these stores:

If you do not want to sleep in bunk beds and share a room with seven other people, the Holiday Inn Hotel is two blocks right (Colorado Ave and 2nd street). But the hostel is okay, I had nothing to compare it to as i had never stayed in a hostel before but it was a place to sleep and cheaper than the Holiday Inn that is for sure.
Second level of the shopping mall, i want to call it. Is it even called a shopping mall even if it is outside sort of? I think so, so we will call it a shopping mall.
Oo Oo See that movie poster top picture to the left!! The Tourist, with Johnny Depp. Great movie if you have not yet seen it!! Great ending, you will not expect it.

There is even a Louis Vuitton Store. I wandered in there and got super excited. You ladies know what i mean, guys will not understand. I was tempted to buy a wallet, although the cheapest thing in the store were the wallets at like $300-$500. I am kicking myself in the buttocks each time i am thinking about it, I should have bought a Louis Vuitton purse!

Expensive Store. Their Clearance rack consists of $200.00. When i saw these large figures i turned around and walked right back out of the store. Although if cash is no worries to you and you are in LA to shop till you dropped then be all means go ahead and enter these doors just let these words from me not scare you when you see some of those price tags...

Arizona Street - Finished half of the strip mall and more to go. I was in heaven. Although i was avoiding the stores that we had back home in Canada because I can always go to those stores. I was in Los Angeles and I wanted to experience LA style. There was some tshirts in some stores, that were $100 and they were just plain white tshirt nothing fancy to them. That is Los Angeles for you.
Shopping in San Francisco was cheaper than Los Angeles. But I still did not shy away from the stores or even purchasing clothes for that matter. I had my Visa and that is all that i needed, right girls!

Middle of the shopping strip but the left side. (Third Street Promenade)

Middle of the shopping strip but the right side. (Third Street Promenade)
It was a monday and clearly not many people were out shopping as they were working and the children were in school, and the weather did not help much either.

See you soon..... Los Angeles <3

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