Monday, March 21, 2011

Pricing Airlines

Today I found another Tour that I would LOVE to do. Easter in Amsterdam with Contiki for four days. Starting and Ending in London, England. So i decided to search some flights and compare all the airlines i could think of, so here i go....

Continental Airlines leaving April 20 and returning April 26 at a price of $1424.30 and when i add on $345 the cost of the tour, grand total comes to: $1769.30

Air Canada leaving and returning the same dates at a price of $1429.31 with a grand total of; $1774.31

* was the same as Air Canada for their cheapest flight. And highly recommend not to book flights through expedia. It is quite difficult trying to deal with when your flights change or get cancelled.

Like what happened to me for an example, I had booked my flights well in advance using expedia because it was a good deal. Well it was a good deal but a pain in the butt. first my flight coming home from LAX got switched and they automatically put me on a new flight connecting across north america so it took me +1 day to get home which was ridiculous. Got that all figured out and fixed. It is best to to go directly through the airline it self when booking your flights.

Delta leaving and returning the exact same dates at a price of $1385.97 with a grand total of; $1730.94

Although i went to and got a flight flying with delta at the cost of; $1192.00 with a grand total of $1537.00 leaving and returning the exact same dates.

United Airlines leaving and returning the exact same dates at a price of $1382.31 with a grand total of; $1727.31

**All flights with one stop.
*if you know anymore airlines or have any thoughts, leave a comment.

It sure does pay to do your homework to making sure you are getting the best deal possible, if your not doing it then no one else will. The Airlines does not care, they want to get paid so they will be more than willingly to take your money if you aren't pay attention.

Another idea if you ever fly overseas into Europe, fly into a country somewhere that is the cheapest and then book a secondary flight through or ... pricing are in pounds though but you can easily find a converter: You can get a round trip flight costing $100-$200 dollars within the cities in europe.
*i have not done so myself yet but I will definately keep that on top of my list of options when booking my european contiki trip.

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