Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Public Transportation - San Francisco, California.

I have heard from people say that Taxi's in California were cheap, did they charge differently? I was not sure, until I got off the airplane and made my way to outdoors to grab a taxi to the hotel. Well that was a FAST ride to the hotel! Now i know why they say Taxi's in California are so cheap, they get to your destination fast. But i suppose that is best so they can make more money during the day, by transporting more people to their destination. I liked it because it was so cheap, thats even including the tip you are recommended to give and i recommend giving them that tip.

If and when you are in San Francisco, take a taxi going up and down the hilly streets. It is something to experience. "Enjoy it. Live it. Experience it."

Another form of Transportation in San Francisco is Bus.... It is like riding any ol' bus anywhere in the world. The drivers are a little more up tight, especially during rush hour and the streets are packed with vehicles.

 Corey, Robb, Brooke and I were exploring down by Fishermans Wharf and figured we would take the Bus back to the hotel as the Trolley was packed. Well we did not get that far on the bus, more people were getting on than getting off. And the people were standing in the way of the door, which made the driver YELL and got to the point where she had to get out of the bus to tell people to step away from the door so she could close it.

The bus hardly moved due to overly amount of traffic on the streets and the street lights; so about 15 minutes of this we all decided to get off and walk the rest of the way back to the hotel. Well the stop we wanted to get off at we werent able to because getting off the bus was difficult. Brooke and I sat up and one older lady was pushing us back further from the door so she could get to our seat, so we were pushing the lady back. Brooke almost lost it with her! 
We finally made it off the bus and it was more free flowing. Let's just say we got to experience San Francisco at Rush Hour!

December 30,2010
First Day - San Francisco New Years

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