Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hostel in London, England

A like all of you traveling with contiki, you are wanting to spend a few days before or after your tour in the city of London. Or even if you are not and just backpacking through europe with a friend or on your own .... We are all searching for reasonable priced accommodation. I have read many hostels with bad reviews. But remember how many bad reviews out there, there are some good positive ones out there that aren't said. People remember the bad more than the good, and if had a negative experience they are more likely to spread the word more. Ratio of having a negative experience 1:10 (one person telling ten people) and the ratio of having a positive experience 1:5 (one person telling five people) it is much lower... so just keep that in mind when searching for a Hostel in a european city!

One Hostel in London, England after a long time searching and reading many many reviews.. I have come to find one that i liked... Ace Hotel (Kensington) located at 16-22 Gunterstone Road, West Kensington, London, England. - centrally located in a trendy neighbourhood in London. Victorian style houses, a good location for tourists at a budgeted good value price and standard. Rated at a 3 star hostel! There are many bars and restaurents close by. Five minutes away from Court Station and West Kensington station and if travelling from Heathrow airport it takes approximately half an hour with the Tube. The price of this hostel was 12.43 in Pounds so i went to google a converter, and it came to 16.67 CAD. Not bad for a average rating of 79% and with the majority of the reviews being high. - I would stay here next time I am in London. is where i have been looking for hostels around the globe.  Hope this helps!

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