Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Movie Theaters in Italy

We all enjoy going out to the movie theatres once in a while, well i know i do. When i was leaving for my mediterrian cruise, Pirates of the caribbean 3 was just a few months shy of coming out in theatres here in America. So when i saw the movie poster and the posted times wandering around the streets of Ischia (and Island west of Naples), I gasped so loud and demanded to go see it. I did not really drag my aunt, brother and mother to the movies but they were more than willing besides the fact all three of them were falling asleep during the movie as it was at 10:00pm and no subtitles, just voice over in Italian.


And I do not fully speak Italian, i know only a few phrases to get me by other than that.... English please! So therefore the only way i got to understand the movie was the fact that I have seen the two previous movies so many times that i understood the Plot.

Some things to know before you decide to go to the movie theater in Italy,
  • make sure you really understand the language
  • see a movie that you have seen many times 
  • understand the plot (Understanding the plot is key especially if you are a little unsure about the language it will make the viewing process easier and better).
Also be not surprised when the movie stops unexpectedly. They actually stop the movie twice, which that gives Italians a chance to go outside for a smoke break. No lie. This is the truth.

End, I enjoyed it very much that i was able to share something with the Italians.

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