Thursday, July 26, 2012

Two places at once...

It is a confusing place to be, in two places at once. But it is amazing none the less!

#1 you do not know where you are
#2 you do not know what time it is because you are stuck in a time loop.

Kind of cool though going through the time loop from Calasis to Dover and vice versa.

And there I had it crossed #92 off my Bucket List...... Be in two places at once!

The Greatest outdoor show on earth!

What a weekend it was, how do you say it again. Oh yes Howdy y'all and thank you again for reading my blog and welcome back. It was Calgary's 100th centennial for the greatest outdoor show on earth, Stampede. And I now see why they call it the greatest outdoor show on earth because it is, ten days full of fun and events happening each and every day with some quite famous faces Carly Rae Jepsen, Garth Brooks and Paul Brandt to name a few.

July 14, 2012

Arrived into Calgary at lunch time and it couldn't have been better timing because that is when Cameron arrived into the city from Banff so we met for lunch outside the Calgary Tower and went to original joes. It was fabulous to see him.
Departed ways for a couple hours and i went to check into my hostel (HI - Calgary City Centre) Oh my nicest hostel i have yet stayed in during my gypsy/ Traveling life.
Refreshed up and got my Cowboy hat and out i went to the Stampede grounds. There was a little bit of line up but not to bad, after i made into the ground - made my way to the Grandstand to grab my ticket for the Chuckwagon races. Now that is a great show to see if you are ever at the Stampede.

Crossed #65 off my Bucket List...... Zip lining!


Just walking up, all the way up to the Zipline was a workout. Just don't look down if you are afraid of heights and look across the horizons. Count 1, 2, 3 into your head and Zip....

Tried my very first deep fried oeros, oh my word they are so yummy.

Stampede is not all about the rides, it's just as fun watching the Bands playing in the sidewalks - while little kids dance to them, and the Kids Tractor Pull was fun to watch.

Watched Recyle Percussion at the Bell Stage, Now that is a amazing, very good, talented group. And turned out they were American's Got Talent Finalists. I know right, Calgary the Greatest show on Earth got AGT's Las Vegas Finalist to come play. Amazing! Calgary knows how to go all out. Love it! Just found a new city I love, haha! Cameron met up with me at the Bell Stage and we walked the grounds and Inside browsing the stores, finding Cameron a belt buckle.

Went to the Grandstand for 7pm for the Chuckwagon Races - Cameron and I were seperated. But tht is okay I got to see the whole track. That moment must have been the moment i stopped being a city girl and became a country girl! Paul Brandt was in town and was there at the Grandstand - Yes the famous and local country star, Paul Brandt. At the end of the races he performed and also at that moment listening to Paul Brandt i became a country girl.

Fireworks were amazing, they beat Canada day but i am not to sure if they beat July fourth's but they are for sure up there with how amazing they are. But again remember it was their 100th centennial so of course they went all out but seriously them going all out was amazing. And I had not seen fireworks since last Canada Day, as i had not had watched any for New Years because Paris, France does not do fireworks on NYE.

Shhh don't tell anyone but I had some trouble finding my car at night - it was horrible. First i am not from the city and I couldn't find a parking lot right near the entrance. That was not fun because it was not the greatest area of calgary - just nice thing i had Cameron with me.

July 15, 2012

Have i said how nice the Hostel was in calgary. So nice! one of the nicest and it was a six bedroom shared dorm mixed. Last hostel i stayed in was in London, England and it was a 24 shared mixed dorm. Yeah do not get those rooms - it is too many and crowded and splurge the extra cash for less beds in a room.

Today it was much better for parking as i got right in front and no line up - Thank you to the dude outside the entrance giving out free adminsions to the park.

Tried to get tickets to the Rodeo but there was a huge line up and sold out, so i did not bother to stand in line to see if they had any. But that is okay at least I got to see the Chuckwagon Races the day before. Stood in line to try my next deep fried treat, deep fried twinkie. Not as good as the deep fried oeros that is for sure. Walked inside through the stores and found a booth they were doing Henna so i got a henna tattoo of a cowboy hat with the words ' Calgary Stampede ' and still today (July 25) it's still on my arm. I have been stamped!

Went to the coca cola stage to watch some entertainment. The hypnotist was hilerous, why are they so good! I loved it. Laughed so hard I even cried.

Walking around the game section of the stampede, i felt like i was back in Klondike Days (Edmonton's festival) it was a little weird.

It started to pour around 1pm and it was letting up so i decided to head home, grabbed my things from the hostel - checked out and Cheers Calgary for a great time. I arrived as a city girl and left a country girl!!

And just like that Crossed #84 off my Bucket List... Attend the Stampede 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Can't go home again!

So this morning I had many flashbacks while i was walking down, and driving around Fort Saskatchewan. I just had to come back one last time and learned that I am content and the happiest I have ever been in years - this city is only a memory!

Walking down the streets I was seeing the businesses but i was not recognizing a single one, this was not the place i grew up - there had to be something more.... But there was not!! There is still that open lot where that bookstore once was but burnt down years ago, or that hotel that caught flame but a new business in it's place, or that once was chinese restaurant that is now a ballet studio, or that park that made me more of a girl and made me a young lady from my first kiss.

I am seeing but I do not recognize, that house that built me....

You leave home and you move on and you do the best you can, and when you get lost in this old world and forget who you are you can not return home and after today I only found a memory from the house that built me, not a home! ...and you know what I am happy that I only did find a memory.

I get a little bit stronger each day waking up with a smile on my face and waiting for that something more....

There got to be something more... and there is! Take that jump and go for it. You will not know until you have tried! #haveYOUdoneit?

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Canada Day 2012

It's that time of year again. 145 years of being a Country for Canada - Happy Birthday Canada. Wave that flag and be proud to be a Canadian, we are something special in this world! Everyone loves us. We eat beaver tails for snacks, live in igloos and drive dog sleds in the winter and we are the only ones who can look sexy with 10 layers of clothes on during the winter. haha! All those things above are just a few things that make us Canadians special! Feel free to add your own, to why you you are proud to be Canadian......

Even though that I had to work this long weekend, 'which i do not mind because it is after all time and a half' I was still able to enjoy the long weekend and the goregous rays of sunshine. Wearing my sunnies at 5am is something real, enjoy it while it lasts that is for sure. Even though driving home from work wearing my blank pants were a pain because by the time i got home I would be jolting into the house and putting on that mini skirt and going back outside to catch some rays of sunshine and tanning my skin up so i am not so damn pale.

Originally "O Canada" was a patriotic poem by Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier, a Quebec judge:
"O Canada! Our home and native land!
True patriot love thou dost in us command.
We see thee rising fair, dear land,
The True North, strong and free;
And stand on guard, O Canada,
We stand on guard for thee.

O Canada! O Canada!
O Canada! We stand on guard for thee.
O Canada! We stand on guard for thee.
O Canada! Where pines and maples grow.
Great prairies spread and lordly rivers flow.
How dear to us thy broad domain,
From East to Western Sea,
Thou land of hope for all who toil!
Thou True North, strong and free!

O Canada! O Canada! etc.
O Canada! Beneath thy shining skies
May stalwart sons and gentle maidens rise,
To keep thee steadfast through the years
From East to Western Sea,
Our own beloved native land!
Our True North, strong and free!
 O Canada! O Canada! etc.
Ruler supreme, who hearest humble prayer,
Hold our dominion within thy loving care;
Help us to find, O God, in thee
A lasting, rich reward,
As waiting for the Better Day,
We ever stand on guard.
O Canada! O Canada! etc."
My Overview of my Long Weekend Joys!!
Beginning of the long weekend, and what do I do.... damn straight I show my Contiki Canada Pride. And if you read the picture just right you can catch on what I did ;) *wink* i will give you a hint..... Contiki Can...ada!!!

Then played a game of Bones with some people at the Yacht club after a fill full rib dinner and announced the winners of the 'down the lake' race.... first, second and third prizes!!!

Every day after work i ended up with either a beer in my hand or a Gin and Mountain dew... Yup the Canadian way to unwind after work on a Long weekend at the Beach 'Seba Beach'!!! That is how tough it is to work on a Stat Holiday - Long weekend ;)!!

Old Canadian tradition on Canada Day, Hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner with friends and family!!!

Watched fireworks in Wabamun, since I sort of did not get my firework fix for New Years but again who needs fireworks when your in Paris so therefore I am not complaining....  HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!