Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Contiki Vacation Cont'd

July 20

Got up at 8am, now I am not sure why I did as the tour ended and I had till Noon to get out of the room if I did not then I would not have gotten to Claudia at the time I did. So I left my luggage in the room and grabbed a taxi to Enterprise and got my rental car. Went back to the hotel and picked up my luggage and checked out – as there was no way I was going to bring my luggage to enterprise on the taxi and besides I did have the room till noon so it all worked out good. 

Took a while for my GPS to find any satellites but it finally did and then I was on my way ;-) On my word I can not believe I am driving in Los Angeles… It is not as bad as people say it is, except for Downtown is a nightmare but on the Freeway’s, Sure there is lots of traffic but it is not overly a lot. 

Got my luggage and checked out – Set out for Glendora and picked up Brooke. Then we were on route for Anaheim.. Contiki offices here I come, to introduce myself to Claudia (the one who interviewed me for the TM position within Canada. Just wanted to introduce myself that is all) Now I just have to go to the Toronto Offices… ;-)

From there we went to Newport Beach… I love this community, area of California ( it is probably one of my favorites). But man oh man it was so hard to find a parking spot. Walked around and there was some places for sale, took pictures of them with my blackberry (since I no longer had a camera, but a blackberry camera is very good quality, so i did not mind) One place is on the market, believe it or not for 3 MILLION dollars, private dock, private beach… it is a very nice looking place. Found a place to eat off of the Balboa Pier, Now they know how to fill your plate – I could not eat it all though but it was very good. 

Driving back to Glendora.. was not to bad, Traffic was as what you expected it would be but everyone is still moving at a decent speed. Only thing is if when you are in the car pool lane and your GPS says turn right in so many metres… it was hard to get over so later I just stayed on the far right so it would be easier. Car pool lane does not make any difference. It goes a little faster but not much. 

Went out for Thai… (Brooke and I first went out for Thai when we met eachother in San Francisco on our Contiki Tour, so she only thought It was right)….  Thai Derm Cuisine

Played Beer Pong for the first time… how do you cope after a contiki tour? Lol 

July 21 

That beer did not have a good after taste in the morning, so much beer… I think my drinking days are starting to get behind me and ready for a career… Wait did I just say that and I am only in my 20s… 

Today is the day… tonight show with Jay Leno, that was the coolest thing ever. The stage seemed smaller than how it appears on television. I sat right across from the band – very good band if I might add. Was rocking out during the breaks. Some of Jay’s jokes were funny but overall not that much. Sorry Jay leno. You are still an awesome person. Burbank California easy enough to navigate around. 

Afterwards we went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (this cemetery, the oldest in Los Angeles was established in 1899 and by the 1930s, it was the hot resting spot for Hollywood’s movers and shakers. In 1926 when Rudolph Valentino’s casket was c arried into the mausoleum, 80,000 fans jammed the grounds to get a glimpse of the fallen idol. Other residents include Douglas Fairbanks Sr., Cecil B Demille, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, Jayne Mansfield, “Alfalfa” and “Darla” from the Little Rascals; and Mel Blanc, whose famous epitaph reads “that’s all, folks.”) 

We had no idea who these people were so we went on our way and drove the roundabout road up to Griffith Observatory by the time we got up there it was dark enough to seen Saturn. It would have been better if we went during the day that way we could actually see everything, it was too crowded with kids. But really it was my brothers type of thing not mine. 

Damien drove the car back to Arcadia Mall (where we met to go to Jay Leno Taping) as he had to pick up his motorcycle and because I am not used to driving downtown Los Angeles at night, it is already pretty bad during the day, I could only imagine it at night. As we got home we were all pretty tired and tried to stay up and watch Jay Leno to see if we could see ourselves but we were all falling asleep so we shut the television off. 

July 22 

Six Flags … Bought a ‘go big go six flags cup’ where you get refills ALL DAY for free which was nice because I needed a lot of water – as we were in the desert, it was quite warm out. Rode most of the maximum thrill roller coasters which weren’t really so thrilled but they were still a lot of fun.

That night we went out to a Piano Bar... PianoPiano Dueling Pianos! in Glendora.

Afterwards went to IN n OUT Burger... I liked it better when i was in San Francisco and i literally went In and Out of the Burger Joint. I just do not eat meat anymore.
July 23

Got back to the Hotel at check in time (1pm) so we just chilled and relaxed in the morning. I just ended up keeping the car till Monday as by the time I got to the hotel and got my room and tried to find the enterprise in west Hollywood to return the car it was closed, driving Downtown Los Angeles is very confusing. So I kept the car in the hotel parking ground in self park. It was a very nice room. Big double sized bed with a flat screen television where I watched movies and slept. 

It was just a take it easy day.

July 24

Actually got to sleep in somewhat, do not think I have done for a while. Later went down to the computers and learned that Tim got to the Hotel a little too late after his tour left on the coach, so we met up and walked to union station and to the beginning of Chinatown. Found where all the homeless sleeps – on top of Los Angeles Mall (so now you know here to avoid). Union Station is neat… went back to the hotel to use the computer and found the nearest Tmobile so Tim could get a sim card. As we were walking, did you know there is a wedding chapel 2 blocks away from the Contiki Hotel (Kyoto Grand Hotel). Then met in the hotel lounge for drinks where I had my third and final Bradhattan on the trip, being my last night in Los Angeles. Then the Contiki Tour Manager showed up in the lounge and Tim got to sign up for his optionals… met another contiki traveler.. 

While using the computer, Matthew came in and I was about to head up to my room when we started talking and ended up back at the lounge (he was on the grand southern , finished around the time I finished my tour) So you could say I had met more people this contiki than my first Tour. So every time I tried to go up to my room that night to relax, I got distracted and ended up talking to someone. 

It was just another take it easy day.

Overall it was a great time <3 Defiantly a different pace from a New Years Tour.

Next Trip: London & Paris New Year Contiki ... 5 months!

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