Monday, July 04, 2011

Day 12 (until i leave)

Day Twelve and counting down.

Bought my travel size shampoo, shaving cream, hairspray, sunscreen, toothpaste and deodorant yesterday.

Packing my amenities. Toothpaste, tooth paste, necklaces, earrings, makeup remover towelettes, feminine stuff, make up, etc.

Althought it is still a week away to your trip, you do not want to pack your clothes just yet. But what you can pack is the evening dresses that you plan to wear out to clubs. (it is Los Angeles, always got to look your best every night, never know when paparazzi is out and accidently snaps a shot of you ;) oh okay i am dreaming but it does not hurt to dream).

Booked my spot on the supershuttle from the airport to the hotel today. Was going to call Enterprise car rental but as it was ringing and no answer then i realized it was a holiday... my bad!

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