Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Day 10 (until i leave)

Another day closer... what else is there to do you may ask! You may not think there is alot to do but it all depends on how well prepared you want to be and what type of traveler you are.

Make sure you do not lose your international sim card... I had a mini "heart attack" thought i lost my sim card but it turned out to be in my Contiki bag.. whew!! Then i was able to get back to sleep.

Decide on how you are going to get around the city/town. Train, Bus, Taxi. For an example, Los Angeles Taxi's are EXPENSIVE. $50.00 not including tip, from LAX to downtown Hollywood. That is why i booked my spot on the from the airport to the hotel (Kyoto Grand Hotel).

So speaking on that matter, make sure you know the bus schedules. I am googling LA Metro and pulling up all the bus maps and schedules so i know where i am going on certain buses. Does not hurt to plan ahead. Sure it is a lot more work but you will have so much fun if you do.

Another neat thing you can do, which you have not always been able to do but now that technology has advanced so much. Download Google Earth and you can actually walk around the city/town you are planning on visiting, just to give you an insight of what is there ;). It'll make you a better and safer traveler, knowing what to expect.

Enjoy <3

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