Monday, June 11, 2012

Trevi Fountain - coin or no coin?

It has been said that if you throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain you are bound to return.

I had an opportunity to go back to Italy with contiki but i was persuaded into doing Spanish spree because I have already seen and been to Italy and the other stops on the particular tour I originally picked.

And plus I like to explore different countries, places instead of going back to the same old place over and over again. Keep that mind wide open for new opportunities and possibilities. But that does not mean I will never return, when the time is right I will return but it will not because I did not throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain.

Scams to watch out for when in Rome The String scam, where they come up to you and place a bracelet around your wrist and leaving a string of the bracelet still attached to them so you can’t walk away so you are more obligated to pay for it. My one tip with this, carry small euro change with you in the pocket so you can pretend this is all that you have on you.

Gelato only the best ice cream in the entire world and you think you already have a tough decision on which ice cream to buy at the grocery store, you have not yet been to Rome because it is 10x tougher., there is so many more choices. Oh and a little fun fact, did you know you can get gelato at early in the morning? Not a lie it is true.

Do not sleep with your room window open It was quite warm and we had left the window open for allowing breeze to flow through. Yeah there is only an hour maybe two break in traffic. It is similar to New York City; you know that city that never sleeps.

Italian DVDs You might want to pick up some Italian movies to bring back home so you can watch movies in Italian on those rainy evenings. Think twice before doing so, they have a completely different region code and unless you plan on watching the movies on your computer do not stock up with too many.

Pasta, Pasta and Pasta you will eat a lot of pasta so I hope you love it. I have ate Pasta at restaurants which was delicious and then some more Pasta at the Family’s, which was more delicious than the restaurants.

Pizza they literally put EVERYTHING on their pizzas and I mean everything. Ever seen French fries and hotdogs on pizza? You will in Italy.

Hours of Operation If you are arriving into Rome at 4 o’clock, it is best to go to the local grocery store down from your accommodations for a bite to eat because you will not find any restaurants open for dinner at that hour, Not until about 8 o’clock.

Crossing the street CAUTION defiantly look both ways before crossing and best to cross when there is a big crowd that way the vehicles have to stop. It will be hard to cross with just the two of you, but it can be done it will just be a little tougher. Rome drivers are insane!


When in Rome why not witness a drug bust. Well that is actually what I did get to see across from my accommodations. My mother and I were waiting for my Brother and Aunt when this whole shindig unfolded. The gentleman came to a screeching stop and threw the drugs underneath the car so when the Police got a hold of him he did not have it on him. The officer moved his vehicle and found it laying on the ground, by the looks of it he wanted to punch the guy and yelled something in Italian, but not speaking the language I did not understand and only went off emotions. What a way to end my visit to Rome, Right?

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  1. I could - and will - write a post one day called Why I Didn't Fall in Love With Rome. It'll be just like your Paris post but, um, about Rome.