Sunday, June 10, 2012


No matter how far one is from one another there is always a reason to smile!! Like when I smile every time he sends me a email. We'll call him Chuck for this blog. 

That is an issue of doing a very short Contiki tour - you feel rushed to see everything the city has to offer and you do not get the time to visit and hang out with many people from the Tour Group before one leaves to go back home or onwards to another tour. It wasn't until the end of the tour when we got back to London when Chuck and I hit it off. The remaining Tour who came back to London went for end of tour drinks at the London Pub outside the Royal National.

We started playing drinking games. But before that Chuck and I just sat in the corner by ourselves just having a conversation. Then one of our Tour Friend came over okay you guys have been over here talking a lot, it is time to kiss.

That was the first warning. 

After we played two or three different drinking games. The bar was closing so we had to move over to the hotel bar where we continued having our conversation, Chuck and I. And then she came back over and wouldn't leave until we did kiss this time.

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