Friday, June 08, 2012

What life could have been

Arrived at work this afternoon and I was asked "Did you get Married?" I was like uh I hope not, I am not done traveling and living my life to settle down.

There used to be another Katelyn working at the Front Desk before I and many guests get me confused for her, as i always have to tell them uh nope that was not me, another Katelyn.

But, now that made me think on how much my life would have been if I had said Yes to my guy friend who at the time lived in Spain when i was twenty years old, now he lives in Amsterdam. Parts of me wanted to say yes at the time but even now I couldn't have imaged where I would be or how I would be If i had moved to Spain and eloped with him. I guess it will be one of those life's secrets in ones past that one will never know......

Questions we will never know the answer too....
  • Would i be living in Europe or would he have moved to Canada?
  • Would I have traveled Contiki earlier? 
  • Would I have been Happy?
  • Would I have finished my Marketing Diploma? 
  • Would I have been better off?
  • Why didn't I say yes?
  • Would I have been fluent in Spanish?
  • Would I have become a different person?
You can't read much into something in your past too much, you can dwell upon it for a day and just ponder.. What if! but then tomorrow you have to move on or you might miss out on something great in your present or possibly your future.

I know back then i was still much of a child back then when he asked me... but I do not know, maybe it would have helped me grow up faster?! I know this far, that I never saw the light at the end of the tunnel back then, until now. It wasn't until I started traveling with Contiki that i started seeing that light at the end of the tunnel and life became that much more clearer and I knew what i wanted! ..... Australia!

Funny how that much time what it had done and where i was, to where and whom i have become. amazing! And yet i am still moving forward to who knows where......

Cheers Xo

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