Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Drive

Opened up the car door placed my purse on the other side and shut the door, started the car and off I went. I was not sure where to go.... Got to the end of Seba Beach and I could have gone right towards Edmonton or Left towards Jasper.

I turned Left. 

Listening to my iPod and cruising down highway 16, passing Gainford, Evansburg, Entwistle, Wildwood and etc until I got to Edson. Turned off towards Sundance Provincial Park - started making way but I did not want to go to far without a gas station in sight so i turned back and went into town of Edson.

Took a stroll through the central park of Edson. Took Mr. Bear (Paddy) He came all the way from England, so it was the right thing to do. You may say he has become my Traveling Bear. Where will he go next?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pic of the Day [week due]

Interesting thing about passing through Dover and Calasis on the Ferry is the pocket of time you go through - when you do not know what time it is because from England to France you ahead one hour and France to England you go back one hour.

4 months.

4 months from my last Contiki trip and the travel bug is coming back to bite me again. That must have been the urge to pay off my Egypt trip 6 months ahead of time, saving $110. Now just to purchase those plane tickets which i have been looking at moving that trip up, defiantly not in the summer months (July or August) as it is so expensive, more than $2000 to fly round trip. Well compared to $1400-$1800 i can get in June, or September-December.

Got a nice tax return back but will not be able to see much of that, as i am making a nice large contribution into my TFSA for my Australia support funds, which will get me closer to my move date. Where first i anticipate September 2013 (that way it gives me some room to save) but defiantly looking forward to pushing that date up.

Nice thing about Summer approaching, all those part time summer positions are opening up (perfect for picking up extra cash) - so i am getting my resume out there. Do not get me wrong I do enjoy my job at the Hotel - Hospitality Industry is defiantly for me. I moved Hotels at such a perfect time, Independent to Chain. Funny how Life works out in your favor, if only it can bring you the lottery winnings. But really how fun would life be if winning the lottery was that easy. I know that i am stronger because I worked hard to pay for all three Contiki trips last year myself, working hard towards what I want - having that accomplished feeling.

Last night I applied to be a server on the Edmonton Queen Riverboat - good thing i have server experience. And thanks to my Marketing Diploma from Lethbridge College - Marketing has opened many doors for me, as it is a wide range skill you can do anything you set your mind to with such diploma.

Although, each day that Australia door opens a little more each day letting that light shine through so I know that is my destiny to move to the land down under.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

St Patrick's Shin Dig Contiki Style

Those Contiki Withdrawals we all know and love can be a harsh thing sometimes. What better way to cure or set back those withdrawals a little by a Contiki Event - St Patricks Day.

1st ever Leprechaun Toss - who ever got the hoola hoops over that Leprechaun got their name entered into a draw for a trip for 2 to Ireland. 

Again, the party took place in Calgary at Tipperary's Pub - 2002 16 Ave NW Calgary. It is like I can not say no to a Contiki Event. It's like I have Contiki running through my blood veins haha. It is all good though. This by far was the best St Patricks Day I have ever had in all my years. I even went all out in Green apparel, and wearing the Contiki name proudly ;).

It is not an Contiki event until you get that snapshot with the Contiki girls. Say hello to Sheralyn, and Sheena.

Contiki Shenanigans may be over but the party continues on until 2am....

Pic of the Day [Week uno]

Don't look down. Especially if you are afraid of heights. It was really weird to be walking on the glass floor in the Calgary Tower - i found myself constantly walking on the metal beams because it was just too weird to be walking straight on the glass floor it self.

But on the plus side there is fabulous views of the mountains and marvelous views of the City of Calgary, goregous!!

Calgary's 7 top list of things to do:

#1 Calgary Tower
#2 Calgary Zoo
#3 Alberta's Kananaskies
#4 Calgary Stampede
#5 Wildrose Brewery 
#6 Canadian Rockies Hot Springs
#7 Calgary Walks