Thursday, July 21, 2011

Plane Ride to LA

Saturday July 16 - 8:22am flying over the mountains

9:13am - by the looks of it we have cross over into the states

Airplane washrooms: sink you have to hold button with thumb while you wash your hands with soap, it does not stay running.

Water and cold airplane not a good combination, especially if you have the the window seat.  Were almost to San Francisco.

10:14am - making our way into San Francisco Airport
Time change really affects you in the air even if it is only an 2 hour flight, which is really three hours Edmonton to San Francisco as we turn our clocks back an hour mid air.

11:13am - boarding flight B767-300 3 cabin it is torture having to walk through first class and business class. flat screen about 12" for each seat and we get a 6" screen maybe even smaller. we are getting screwed. Found a Buena vista cafe in the airport but i did not have enough time to try a Irish Coffee so when i return I will make sure i do.

12:00pm - noon - back in the air on route to los angeles. Still no see Golden gate bridge - damn overcast weather. 53 minutes to los angeles. and the douche in front of me put his chair back... F him! LOL. There isnt much leg room to begin with.

12:33pm - dozing off and on in the plane very uncomfortable. I bet business class and first class are enjoying their leg room. Flying side by side pacific ocean. what a sight, first i got to drive it then i get to fly it.

15 mins arriving in los angeles and it is 12:40pm

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