Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bike Tour - San Francisco, California

Bike n' Roll San Francisco. 353 Jefferson Street San Francisco, California. Next door to In N' Out Burger.

It was a jammed packed day New Years Eve Day, December 31,2010. Alcatraz in the early morning which took us approximately two hours. Brooke and I somehow wandered away from the rest of the pack while on the island so we were left to take the second boat back to the mainland in time for the Bike tour.

Brooke and I were going to go grab a quick bite to eat at In N' Out Burger but it was so busy we wouldn't have enough time to get the food and eat it so we went to subway. So you could say we were "IN n' OUT" of the burger joint. ha! Oh come on that was funny. ha!

It was a tremendous way to see another side of San Francisco. But boy those hills are tough to climb. Our Guide he started us off with a nice small hill which was great but that second hill came and half of us ended up walking it.

Rode past some yacht clubs which had boats in the water, was quite jealous because i wanted go sailing. After the Big hill we got to ride on some flat ground all the way till the Golden Gate Bridge.

Picture: I was unsure how this picture was taken to be honest. I may have tried to take a different picture of something else not sure of what but this is even better. Shows you we actually were on bikes and rolling around San Francisco, Ken and Trina are in front of me and of course the tour guide.

Picture: Trina and I. The other albertan. What a small world eh, we live an hour away from eachother and we never knew eachother before the tour. 

Who here reads Danielle Steele books, and is a fan of hers? Well do i have good news for you... See that mini version of the white house on top of the hill. Yes you have guessed it, it is Danielle Steele's house.

Also Robin Williams lives in San Francisco and no we did not get to see any famous faces. Not that kind of trip, was more interested in the city.

Here is another interesting fact that i learned: San Francisco has more dogs than children. Also i bet you did not know this, that there is not a single graveyard in the city of san francisco. Now do not ask me where they bury people.

Before we Rode across the Golden Gate Bridge, we stopped for a photo op.... "Whats that in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's ENDORPHIN MAN!!!!" quoted Doug Leonard. A fellow traveller from Toronto, Canada.

Only thing that made it tough riding across the bridge was the wind, if we did not have the wind it would have gone alot better. But I made it!

The end of the bike tour.... raising the bikes in the air saying we've made!

Robb and Mandie ended up biking back to 353 Jefferson Street to return the bikes while the rest of us rode the ferry back. Their nuts! ha!

After we got back to the mainland, Monte (our tour manager) wanted everyone to go to Buena Vista for the best Irish coffee ever. But some of did not because time was getting close to the moment we had to leave for the New Years Eve dinner cruise and of course us ladies wanted to get ready, shower, make up. You know all that girlie stuff.

So Cameron and I shared a taxi back to the hotel, as it would have been a long walk back to the hotel.

December 31, 2010
San Francisco New Year Tour

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