Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Changing Flights.

Just spent an hour this morning switching my flight for this summer so now i am just spending a week in Los Angeles and not going to Florida. Going to try and squeeze in another Contiki.

The lady on the other line at Continental was very helpful and did everything she could to make it possible. Thanks the merger of United and Continental, giving them more options of flights for their customers. Although it was a little wait to get someone on the phone and a little longer when she called the Rate desk to make something work for me.

Ended up getting Air Credit from Continental for future trips that I plan on using soon! Should be in the mail soon; and a better flight back. I am flying from YEG to SFO then onwards to LAX. The same way back, that is great!

Props to Continental!
Excellent Service.

I would not have gotten this excellent service if i had used Expedia!!

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