Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Years Eve - San Francisco, California

Could life have gotten any better this evening, December 31, 2010. Probably not.
This was our Dinner Cruise for the evening, dinner was wonderful as usual and free brooze. So really could it have gotten any better than this? Probably not.

As we were standing in line it started to rain a little, of course I forgot my jacket had a hood on it. Silly me. Until Jeff was like why not put your hood up, and he put it on my head carefully without ruining my hair. what a nice guy eh!

However some of were not as fortunate to having a hood on their jacket. As Brooke did not have a hood she had to push her jacket over her head like this in the picture to keep her hair from getting wet.

Nice head band right. I picked it out when we went shopping at Forever 21.

As we got closer to the gate and onto the boat, there was a photographer that took a picture of ALL of us in the group. Now I do not know where the picture, It probably stayed in San Francisco.

It was a All you can eat buffet. Our tables were at the back by the bar ;) and the door leading outside where most of the group watched the fireworks. But Brooke and I ended up away from the group. Brooke ended up with Adrian at the back of the boat and I ended up with Robb upstairs. Do not ask me how that happened, me climbing stairs. I remember grabbing my jacket because it was breezy out and next minute i was arm in arm with Robb upstairs of the boat watching the fireworks taking LOTS OF PICTURES of the fireworks.

Picture: The Finale of the fireworks, there was overly too many pictures that i took almost of every firework they lit. I just had my camera on set and i kept pressing the button and it kept on taking picture after picture. Great quality eh!

Afterwards I had to make my way downstairs, with a drink still in my hand. No i was not drunk, i only had 5 drinks in total that night. They were strong drinks but I did not have that many, only five. I promise you that. I can even name all the drinks i had to prove to you: Vodka and OJ, Champagne, and Three Life is Good drinks. so that comes to a total of Five!
Got safely in doors of the boat and the hugs started coming, HAPPY NEW YEAR HUGS and more picture taking.

Brooke and Adrian was in the line for getting another drink when i grabbed Brooke and Monte for a Photo Op. Monte was our Tour Manager. He was alot of fun.

Something I did that I never have done before, I slowed danced with Robb. Now i was told it was not very long. Which was a shocker to me. I was not feeling to well after the fireworks and i was pulled onto the dance floor. I was pulled onto the dance floor alot throughout the night. By Monte and Robb.

I was taking a bathroom break and in line i got to talking and made a friend in the line, a local. She wanted me to go into the mens washroom with her as the ladies had a huge line up. But i do not know why I did not budge. I so would have too. Why is that.... ladies washroom always has a HUGE line up anywhere you go but the Mens washroom there is never a line up? just a question to make you ponder upon.

Now there was alot more pictures from that evening but I do not want to spoil all the fun by showing them all. I will leave you all in awe!

Around 3am the boat docked and we got off, half the group went their own way back to the hotel and the rest followed Monte. Yes i was in the group that followed Monte back to the hotel. Just would like to add another Thanks to Monte and Robb for lending me their arms while walking back to the hotel. Wouldnt have made it back to the hotel without you guys. Thanks.

I remember there was talk about going out and party some more but it was 3am and everything was closed so we ended up going upstairs into someones hotel room and continue the party. I dropped my things off in my room. Went to hang out in the hallway. The Pot smell in the hotel was making me sick and Corey ended up holding me for a few minutes and then i was dragged off by Robb walking back to my room to sleep....

Morning after, HAPPY NEW YEAR. January 1, 2011. We went for breakfast and i should have stayed in my bed and slept instead of going out for breakfast with the gang but I went. After i went out to scout out where i would catch the bus and then I met up with Trina, Doug and tagged along with them for a few minutes but I needed to get back to the hotel and sleep so i ditched and hailed a cab to take me back to Hotel Whitcomb.

I ended up skipping the last evening of the tour because i was so tired i just couldnt function properly so i got my money back and went to bed and woke up the next morning to catch my cab to the bus depot. To catch my bus to Santa Barbara.

Picture: Deets (Details) of what and where we went each day on the tour. Signed Monte. BEST NEW YEARS EVER <3 THANK YOU CONTIKI <3

Dedicated to all my New friends i made and hope to see you soon. Miss you all <3

December 31, 2010 & January 1,2011
San Francisco New Year 10/11

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