Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Beach. Santa Monica, California.

At the end of a shopping spree in Los Angeles, went to drop off my new clothes at the hostel and repacked my suitcase so it would ALL fit. And then I went out for a last walk down to the beach and just sat there until sunset. (the plan was to get food and take it down to the beach and eat it but saw no food worthy to eat)Wish i had someone to share it with, next time! ;) I was ready to go home, it was a busy week but super fun so what better way to end your visit sitting on the beach breathing in the air and surroundings and soaking in the sunshine. Although it was a bit breezy, chilly.

I was at 1436 2nd St, International Hosteling Santa Monica. Take a Right walking out from the Hostel and that becomes Santa Monica Blvd, then take another right you come to Ocean Ave - you walk through a park called Palisades Park. Walk over a walking over pass over the Pacfic coast highway which brings you to Santa Monica Beach.

Houses along the Beach, very colorful.
Lifeguard stand I ended up sitting on facing the Pacific Ocean in the sunshine. Shhh you were not suppose to sit on them but no one else around. I felt almost like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen when they used to sit on their lifeguard stand apart of their show; So Little Time! I know that probably sounds corny but who cares.

#14 lifeguard stand, now known as mine ;) he he. Should have signed my name on it. he he!

I, Facing the Pacfic Ocean standing on the Lifeguard Stand #14.
From middle of the Pier onlooking Santa Monica Beach, Isn't it beauitful! I could have stayed there ALL day sitting on the sand and onlooking the ocean just letting in my surroundings. Just wonderful! 

Or you can take a right exiting the Hostel which brings you to Broadway Blvd, continue straight to Colorado Ave and swing a Right and keep walking straight comes the edge of the Palisades Park and then continue onwards until you come to the entrance of the Pier.

On the Pier. Oh my i can not believe i am on the Santa Monica Pier. :)

Sunset from Santa Monica Pier / Beach. Beautiful.

Can not explain how else i was feeling... just alot of smiling going on in my head that is for sure and the fact i was tired from partying new years 2011. Perfect Sunset for a fresh start <3 2011.

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