Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vendors (Europe vs. America)

Does not matter if you are in America or Europe. There are Vendors everywhere trying to get you to buy stuff you just do not need...

I was at West Edmonton Mall  and I got stopped by a vendor, a guy trying to get me to buy a new straightner so he showed me how his brand works by doing a 5 strands of my bangs. Like come on.... if you are going to show me your brand and want me to buy it... do more than just a strand of my hair!

Another Vendor by the hudons bay company tried to stop me, but i kept on walking and politely said no thank you and she got snooty.... Like ya i definately want to talk to you now lady!

It works in Europe so it should work in America right? Only difference I found was that you can blow the vendors off in europe and they do not get snooty....  Sure if you have nothing better to do and just need to waste time then feel free and make the Vendors day.

European Vendors

  • You can blow them off by just keep on walking and say 'no thank you' in italian and they will not get rude, they just move onto the next tourist (as shown in the picture, there are a lot of tourist at the Spanish Steps).
  • They get in your face, but still know when to back off.
  • They make you try things (ex in pictures bottom right: my brother and mother was walking by and the vendor got my brother to put his wrist out, to show his handmade bracelet and he ended up purchasing it) now that is how you sell....
  • their assertive.
America Vendors

  • They get rude when you blow them off, as you walk by and say no thank you.
  • They do not get in your face, half of them look bored to death sitting on their stool waiting for something to come along... not good sales tactic!
  • not at all patient
  • some push you too far to buy it after you say no.

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