Sunday, April 03, 2011

Flying San Francisco

Flyin over San Francisco is breathtaking. When you fly over the Golden Gate Bridge and the city, it is beyond words i can not describe it - if you ever plan on flying to San Francisco (which you really should), make sure you book a window seat because you will not want to miss this view!

Traveling the world is like self discovery.

Now i had no idea where the airport was even at within San francisco, so when the plane started getting lower and lower to the water, the airport must have been there. Seriously all you can see when the Pilot flys around the City, over the Golden Gate Bridge to get in line to land at the airport.

Arriving into SFO over the water as you see the water get closer and closer to you, as the plane lowers and slows down their engine to try and make a outstanding landing performance onto the runway.

It is very easy to get around SFO airport. I had no troubles at all, I walked off the plane and started walking this way towards the outdoors. It requires no thinking to get around, that is how easy it is!

I will be seeing the view once again this summer but sadly SFO is just a stop onwards to LAX this time...

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