Sunday, April 24, 2011

Smuggler's Cove - San Francisco

650 Gough Street
San Francisco, CA 94102, United States

You do not want to miss this place.

After Monte, our Tour Manager never showed up to the pre-departure meeting. Robb, Corey, Alex, Cameron, Brooke and I - set out on the town.

First stop was called, The Hot Spot. Which was not really the Hot Stop of the evening - and i later learned that the Hot Spot is only Hot only a few days out of the week, so best to know when the Hot Spot is going to be Hot and I would give it another shot.

Brooke got onto Corey's phone and searched for another place so we started walking while she did this and found the Smuggler's Cove so we were on the hunt for it. When you walk into the building, and after showing the bouncer your ID, take a right and go downstairs. There is a water fountain. Booth, Chairs and Tables. The Bar is at the back. We all ordered the same thing - Coke and Rum wasn it? I believe so. Very adventurous weren't we ordering all the same drink.

Why is that Canadians always have to bring out their coins and show them to the americans, and Americans are always fascinated by how our $2 is called a Toonie and our $1 coin is called a Loonie and also fascinated on how they look. Alex who is also from Canada that was apart of our pre-departure group and I got out our change and showed Cameron who is from Australia and Robb who is from Boston our coins - Australia is similar to us, Canada. But why is that Americans are always fascinated about how our Canadian money look - colorful? Which i can see why because Americans only have one color for their money, Green! So when they see color money, it is like shiny objects - their attracted to it. haha!

We stayed there for quite some time just chating away, we only had one drink each. But we just chatted and chatted away. Then we went back to the hotel and called it a night.

Next morning checked out of my room and had to put my luggage in, Hotel Whitcomb's luggage storage which stays safe, so you do not have to worry about your luggage during the day. Met in the ballroom with the remaining of the tour mates, and monte (tour manager) who now showed up, haha. Brooke was not coming down and Corey, Alex, Cameron, and I were all looking at eachother, wondering where she could be... So Corey and I went upstairs to knock on her door and good thing we did because she was still sleeping...

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