Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Contiki Tour Withdrawal

You had the trip paid off for months and having patience's until you hopped on the plane and flew around the globe to your destination to see amazing beauitful sites in Europe, partying and meeting new friends. Then It comes to the last day of the tour and the flight home. You are sad to say good bye to your new friends and the amazing places you have seen in Europe. There is major trip withdrawal that comes afterwards and it hurts. So how do you ease off it....

#1 Get back to your regular routine

#2 Look up and ahead, not down and behind

#3 Add all your new friends on facebook so you can keep in contact for future trips or just to stay in touch.

#4 Attending Contiki Parties does not hurt either - especially if you live in Calgary or Toronto, Vancouver for that matter. If something is happening be sure to be there. Never know who you will meet....

I had trip withdrawal after my San Francisco tour with Contiki - I missed all my new friends and missed the city foremost. But then the cure came..... Contiki was having a VIP EURO BASH in calgary a month after my tour, so what did i do... I jumped on it and got my name on the list. It was what i needed and met even more great individuals... <3

#5 Start planning your next Contiki Tour - and make it longer this time!

#6 Plan smaller adventures around your area - even if it is just a weekend away from your daily routine. You will come back into your daily routine refreshed and happier, and it will make the time fly by so much better until your next Contiki Tour.

Hope this helps....
and Happy Traveling :)

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