Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bike and Roll

Share your biking experience. My biking experience in San Francisco with Bike and Roll was fun! Another side to see the city of San Francisco, the hilly aspect of the city. Tour guide he was nice and started us off on a small hill which was great but then the next hills were BIG as to be expected in San Francisco, but half of us ended up walking half way after we lost momentum.
The second hill we rode up everyone were on their bikes and about half way up the hill, half of us were off our bikes and walking and that was only half the hill, it got more steep. It was nice when we were riding down hill.
Rode along the water and some yacht clubs which was a nice scenery but that is to be expected in San Francisco. Even saw some people swimming in the water and it was not a HOT day!
Trina and Cameron and I had to walk across the street from the Bike and Roll to buy some cheap gloves, it was breezy.
Even got to see Danielle Steele's home, which was a mini version of the whitehouse on top of a Hill on looking the San Francisco Bay.

The other side of the bridge was open so we got to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. On day one we walked across the other side of the bridge. So you can say I did it all, all what you were suppose to do when in San Francisco. Then we got into Marin County and it was all downhill all the way to the ferry. Everyone took the ferry except for Robb and Mandie they rode back.

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