Thursday, April 07, 2011

airline precautions

Going to the airport can be stressful for some people even if they have a fear of flying, or worrying if everything in their bags are allowed. Some common security rules for carry-on; each person is limited to one carry-on bag and one personal item on all flights. Before, get your ticket or boarding pass before you arrive - as we enter the internet world, allows us to check in online and print off our electronic ticket receipt or boarding pass. Avoid using the ticket counter.

Most common items people accidently take are liquid and gel containers are too large, and are kept in a plastic baggy. And anything that can start a fire, explode or be used as a weapon. So therefore, know what you are carrying, allow extra time for special circumstances (busy periods), keep your photo identification handy, humor is not an option, expect to have your bags searched, clean out your carry-on bags before flying, never leave your baggage unattended, do not over pack your pack - so it is light enough for you and someone else to lift it.

Best bet is to travel with carry-on luggage so you do not risk having checked luggage lost or stolen. Keep valuable items with you, customize the look of your bag to make it easy to identify.

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