Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hotel Downtown Calgary

April 12, 2011 - I had went down to Calgary to attend a Contiki Suitcase party which by the way was a lot of fun and even met a new calgary friend. beneficial of going to events by yourself, you are more likely to meet great new acquaintances / friends.

got into Calgary around noon and got to the hotel, Best Western Downtown Calgary which by the way is a wonderful location: 1330 8th Street S.W. Calgary, Alberta. Includes parking which is a great thing in any downtown cities, continental breakfast, fantastic room and at reasonable price (not to expensive and not to cheap).

I had gotten a  one bedroom suite which includes:

Separate 1 Master bedroom with a queen size bed, remote TV, telephone.
Living room area with a double hide-a-bed and 2nd remote TV and telephone.
Dining room area.
Kitchenette fully equipped.

Kitchen area - and it was fully equipped. A hot plate, frying pans, 4 sets of two, different sets of plates, 4 mugs, 4 glasses, silverware, microwave, fridge, sink, coffee pot and coffee.

Living room area


Seperate bedroom - the beds are comfy.

Now how much do you expect this to cost? Lets hear some prices.....

Let the Adventure Begin... First stop the Calgary Tower

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