Monday, April 11, 2011

Asia 2011/12 Contiki Brochure.

First point, i just had my phone interview with contiki holidays regarding my contiki application and it went rather well - i hope i anwsered all the quesitons very well to get a follow up (call back) and made a great impression, as my application, resume and coverletter all say i am beyond qualified. Over all i believe i will get the job... i will get the job...i will get the job... i will get the job... So send me good vibes! <3

Just recieved the new 2011/12 Contiki Asia brochure in the mail and it came along with a dvd, movie. popped it in and it was a movie of the Asian Adventure Tour.

Elephant ride really stood out of the greatest part of the adventure for me, getting the chance to actually ride an elephant, so cool! A private 2 day boat cruise along the Mekong River, locally guided bike tour of World heritage listed Luang Prabang, Entry and guided visit of the COPE support & rehab centre, all with private coach transport. Plus guest house stay in Pakbeng and Traditional meal at a restaurant that trains disadvantaged youth.You arrive in Bangkok and ends in Siem Reap. And only for $1699pp for 14 days.

The tour i would most likely do would be; Big Indonchina Adventure, it is a little more money and longer (25 days) but you get the Vietnam Experience tour, and Asian Adventure Tour combined. Starting in Bangkok, Thailand and Ending in Hanoi, Vietnam. Now all i must do is price out airfare so i can further my budgeting to make this fantastic trip possible. and on that note.... lets go!!

The dvd should really come with a caution: may have the urge to travel after viewing....

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