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Calgary Tower

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Welcome to Calgary....

If you are ever in the City of Calgary this a a must see spot. It costs approximately 15.00$ per adult for the entrance fee but it is worth it.

  • June 28, 1968 - Official North American opening of the Husky Tower
  • June 29, 1968 - Official Alberta opening of the Husky Tower
  • June 30, 1968 - Official Public opening of Husky Tower
Originally the Calgary Tower was named the Husky Tower because of the companys that helped fund the project; a joint venture between Marathon Realty Company Limited and Husky Oil who were both establishing Head Offices in Calgary. And is still recognized as the Husky Tower today by the Calgary International Airport.

Although Calgary is not a earthquake zone, the tower is the first one built in western provinces to withstand a earthquake. The tower was built to withstand elements such as climate, high winds, shock, etc) Although, On a windy day the Tower can, and will, sway up to 16.5 centimetres or 7.5 inches and can withstand winds up to 161 km/hr.

Construction of the Tower commenced on February 19, 1967 and was completed in June 1968 (15 months) at a total cost of $3.5 million dollars. Pouring began May 15, 1967 and was completed 24 days later. The record pour in one 24-hour period was 39 feet.

The 1988 Olympic Winter Games were held in Calgary. To honour this special event, the Calgary Tower installed a natural gas-fired cauldron at the top to resemble an Olympic torch.

February 13, 1988 - The flame at the top of the Calgary Tower was lit for the Olympic Winter Games and continued to burn 24 hours a day throughout the 16 day event, consuming gas at a rate of 850 cubic metres per hour. The cauldron is still re-ignited for special occasions such as, Canada Day, New Years Day and other special city events. At night the flame is visible from as far away 25 kilometres.

March - June 2005 - The construction and completion of the new "Glass Floor". As a gift to Alberta on its Centennial the new glass floor was added to the Observation Deck. Spanning 36 feet wide and 4.5 feet out, visitors will be able to stand out in an enclosed space over 9th Avenue SW and Centre Street North.

It was really weird to be standing on the glass floors, when you approach them, your first reaction is... whoa!! And may take some time to get used to them and actually walk normal on them. Honest, it took me some time, I found myself standing on the metal beams, I am not to sure why but it must have been a natural instinct.

January 1993 - Installation of "State of the Art" telescopes on the observation deck level.
June 1993 - "Welcome to Calgary" interactive system. An exciting multi-media display that profiles Attractions and Events in Calgary. The information centre features an easy-to-use touch screen.

Clever way of doing advertising. Putting the name of the business/building on the roof so people from above can see where abouts you are so when they step down from the Calgary Tower they will have remembered your name and have a high tendency to come visit.

Downtown Calgary

This brown building you are looking at, surpassed the Calgary Tower in 1903 - There was a group tour and I 'eavesdropped' to have a listen and learn something new. Bonus - I did not even pay for a group tour listen and I got to hear for a few minutes. The tour guide may have left out some stuff but I was not going to interrupt.

This is a Oil company building and the glass will bring in the heat, to heat up the building in the summer. Talk about energy efficient. There was talk from the Tour guide about energy efficient in the winter but I do not recall what it was - But there was a way, I promise you that.

For more history on the Calgary Tower:

Thank you for visiting Calgary.... Hope to see you again very soon!

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