Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Years in Paris

Last year was San Francisco New Year 2011...

8 months away until my next, next adventure... Starting in London for Christmas and then Paris for New Years. And yes i am going with... Contiki Holidays! There is no better way to travel but with Contiki ;)

Either i am flying on Christmas Eve which will allow me to arrive into London on Christmas Day or Fly Dec 23 and arrive Christmas Eve. I still have 8 months to keep an eye on flights before i actually have to book. Expedia will only be used as a comparison site, never booking through them again. Always book directly with the airline so if anything happens to your flights, it would be easier for them to take care of you because you booked with them and not with tripadvisor or expedia. Just a helpful Hint from a previous mess that happened to me through expedia.

Will defiantely have to go check out the London Contiki Basement.

Already been searching for a hostel in London, and i have found one Piccadilly Hotel. What helps me find a hostel is first i check the rate on when i will be staying there, then i check the activities list. Because most hostels will have activities set up and planned to take travellers to the best local spots on the town, day and night.

Paris i am covered with accommodations because of wonderful ol' Contiki.

Last year i overheard that Paris had no fireworks because of the recession, and no one knew so about it. As they were still outside awaiting fireworks to ring in the new year but midnight stroke and nothing happened. I do hope they have fireworks this year. I hear that Paris is one of the most colorful and exciting places to celebrate New Year's Eve.

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