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Le Havre, France

Stop two there was no clear shot of the UK from the cam so was unable to have taken a screenshot. But stop three, here i go...

Le Havre is situated in the southwest of the Pays de Caux region...

Second busiest Port in France, after that of Marseille. Le Havre was originally named Franciscopolis after Kind Frances I. who had founded the city in 1517.

A chapel known as Nore-Dame-de-Grace (our lady of Grace) had existed at the site before the city was established. The denomination lent its name to the port to be called Le Havre ("the harbor of grace").
The shortened name Le Havre as used in modern times simply can translate to "the port" or "the harbor".

The port city of Le Havre suffered catastrophic damage during the Second World War.

Le Havre, France's second largest port had experienced the worst damage of any city in the country. As over 90% of the city was left in rubble. All major public buildings in the administrative centre including the stock exchange, city hall and post office were destroyed, along with churches, two hospitals, schools, shops and housing.

The port rendered unusable due to the scattered wrecks blocking the channels and access docks.

By the end of the war, a total of 5,000 civilians had been killed, 12,500 buildings destroyed and 80,000 people left homeless.


As Le Havre was heavily bombed during the Second World War. Many historic buildings were lost as a result.

Le Havre Cathedral - the first stone of the building was laid in 1536. It is the seat of the Bishop of Le Havre.

*can't name all of the main sights as that would be a lot

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