Sunday, May 15, 2011

Next Adventure.... Los Angeles

Being 61 days left till i jet off on my next adventure with Contiki Holidays, back to Los Angeles. I did not spend enough time there the first time after i took the bus down from San Francisco, So I need to see more than Santa Monica this time. This time i will not be hungover from a EPIC new years eve.

And i will be wearing my NEW contiki shirt while on tour. ;) Have to show off the pride.
Arriving into Los Angeles a day before the tour begins... I plan on heading over to the tattoo parlour and getting my second tattoo, tattoo'd on my left wrist reading: 'Enjoy it. Live it. Experience it.' Some of you you may recognize it from reading my philosophy. I just sent off the design to the Tattoo artist this morning to get a quote on how much it shall cost. cross fingers it will not be too expensive and reasonable price. I am looking forward to getting my second tattoo, i have been writing it on my wrist for the past month, seeing how much i will like it permanent written there and yes I will love it. I recommend doing that so when planning on getting a tattoo for youself, even if it is a first one or second, third or fourth. Seeing it on your body in Pen Ink before permanent tattoo ink.

Plan is to get a weekly bus pass so i can hop on and off any city bus while i am there, easy access to see the city. I was already informed to stay far away from Compton and i will just do that so! Booked my extra night in the Kyoto Hotel with Contiki. Looks like a beautiful hotel, i can not wait till i get there and see in person. Also booked my Hostel in Santa Monica for after the Contiki Tour. Same Hostel i stayed at before, so at least i know something that is familiar. And i will not make the same mistake on going into the store entrance instead of the hostel entrance. Long Funny story when i arrived in Los Angeles after dark, arriving to the hostel by taxi because my bus never showed up.

I have already met five tour mates, via / Facebook. They are all australians so far i am the only canadian to speak of. So I will meet up with them before the pre-departure meeting.

Things doing during my tour in Los Angeles:
  • Hollywood Pub Crawl
  • Universal Studios
  • Disneyland*
  • Grammy Museum**
  • Starline hop-on/hop-off**
  • Tour stars Home**
  • drive along sunset strip
  • Venice Beach
  • Santa Monica Beach and Pier
  • Mann's Chinese Theatre & Hollywood's walk of fame (picture with Johnny Depp)
  • Redeo Drive and Melrose Avenue
**on the fence thinking

Things I want to do and see after my tour in Los Angeles:
  • surf lessons
  • see pasadena tunnels
  • dodgers game
  • Beverly Hills
  • Visit Brooke (Friend from first Contiki Tour)
  • Have many beach days, just to RELAX
(if you have any suggestions on what i should be doing and seeing that i have missed out on my list, please inform me...I want to see it all!)

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