Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bunnock - The Game of Bones

Learned a new game this May Long Weekend. A starter set will come with 28 Bunnock bones. First introduced in Canada in the early 1900s by Russian German settlers. Russian soldiers posted in Siberia played with ankle bones of dead horses.

It is an economical way to pass time.

Object of the game was to knock down all of the Bunnock starting with the two guards first. The team that knocks down all of their opponents bones with the least number of throws will be the winners.

4 black guards. 40 white soldiers. 8 colored throwers. The game can be played with 2 to 8 players of any age. The black guards are set 0.4 metres from either end and 10m between throw lines.

After a coin toss to discover which team will be on which side and who will throw first behind the throw line. You can start with both feet on the line and then take a step forward when throwing, under hand (no over throwing). First you have to knock down the black guards, once the black guards are gone, you can then move onto the white soldiers until they are all knocked down, where your team wins!!

It is a little more tricky on grass (or so i have heard), preferably to be played on gravel. BUT not on cement.


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