Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My next Contiki destinations

No Contiki Withdrawals happened this time once i returned home from Paris and London. But that is maybe because I got excited looking through the brochures picking my next destinations.

First i was looking at what to do for New Years 2012 - I defiantly did not want to do another 4 day tour. So here below is what i have booked and already paid *Thumbs Up*

Contiki #4 - Egypt & The Nile 
9 Days 1 Country

I am going to explore ancient egypt, with its icons, buzzing cities & incredible sights. from the Intensity of Cairo & Cruising the Nile in style to traveling like the locals on a felucca, this will be an intense New Years of discovery.
I also get to see 3 World Heritage Sites. Only Contiki includes - pharaohs to mummies, locally guided tours of the Egyptain museum & the Pyramids of Giza. - Tour the valley of the Kings with a local Egyptian expert - Sit back & Chill as you drift down the Nile on a traditional felucca sailing boat - local villages, ancient sites & stunning scenery. And many more optional activities. But you'll have to wait to hear about them!

But why stop there - Already purchased my flight from Cairo to Madrid. Arriving into Madrid at approximately 4am! 

Contiki #5 - Spanish Spree
15 Days 2 Countries

Hola! I am going Local on this perfect intro to Sunny Spain. I will be tweeting from Gaudi's architecture & flamenco in Barcelona, cosmopolitan Madrid, Beaches & Parties in Ibiza to laid back Seville. I will show you everything that we (Contiki) and myself love about Spain & more.
Not only do i get to see  3 World Heritage Sites in Egypt, But I get to see 7 in Spain. Only with Contiki you get to explore the Palace of the Spanish royal family on their locally guided tour - while catching a flight to the world-reowned Ibiza to check out its famous clubs and beaches - locally guided tour of Granada's Alhambra Palace - While learning about the history of Spanish culture & architecture at the Mosque of Caliphs in Cordoba. Plus some regional dinners and explore more options but you'll have to wait to hear about them!

I will be tweeting again from these Fabulous Contiki Tours - @AyKate - to follow my worldwide adventures!

Let the countdown begin <3 

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