Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gypsy Traveling

Hello my fellow readers, sorry i have been such a absent from writing - but i have been working on a article for another site which I will share with you when it becomes public so i will not say too much about it. Except i will say this, this gypsy has a new home in Leduc, Alberta Canada. The main reason I moved was to make the commute to work easier and it was time for a new adventure.

Leduc is a charming little city as i am still discovering little bits of the place each day i have off work because that is what and who i am. I explore and blog about it, but nowadays I am starting to vlog! Which you can check out on my very own youtube channel - no laughing. Okay you can laugh but only if you laugh with me because it is a little funny - when i start talking about Contiki. I'll let you watch!

Located minutes, no wait seconds from the International Airport so every second and hour from my bedroom window I am hearing planes arriving and leaving. Wish it was me leaving but very soon, soon I will be on another plane on another Contiki adventure. Also located 21 miles south from the Alberta Capital, Edmonton.

Oil and gas industry has been a long time provider for Leduc's economy.

Some places i will be exploring and showing you during my stay here in Leduc..... The wide variety of parks and amenities that the 24,000 other residents in Leduc know about; Alexandra park Ponds, Coady Lake, Leduc Reservoir, Telford Lake and West Point Lake. 

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