Thursday, August 16, 2012

Life begins AT THE END of your Comfort Zone...

Nothing is more boring than living your life day by day and not taking that life risk, of stepping outside of the box out of your comfort zone. Life is meant to be lived - so why not live it and Enjoy it and Experience it? although many of us do not know where we are headed at times and may cause us to stay within the walls of our comfort zone but don't - get out people, and best thing to do is Travel the world. You have no idea how much Europe will change you as a person. I know it has changed me many times and I couldn't be happier living outside of my comfort zone, not knowing what each day will bring.

As long as you start off the day with a smile then nothing else matters. And here is a tip i will share with you that a wise lady shared with me during my college years at Lethbridge College, place a pencil on your bed stand and when you wake up in the morning place the pencil in between your teeth and look at yourself in the mirror. Do not worry about your hair being a mess or having no make up on yet because you will see your self smile automatically and it will automatically put you in a better mood to start the day.

Anything can happen in a day, as long as you smile and Enjoy it, Live it and Experience it. And if you do that then good things will come to you when you least expect it. Now i wasn't all like this before, i know that is hard to believe me not being the person I am today but i am thankful of that because Traveling the world has given me so many opportunities that i wouldn't have any other way, and I know it all to Contiki Holidays so showing me the light at the end of the Tunnel. I now know what I live towards every day when i wake up - So Thank you <3

So therefore if I could pass on any wisdom and/or advice from my experience, do not sweat the small things or bad days. Deal with it and move on to the next. And travel to Europe even if you can only go once in your life, go to Europe because it will change you. You will come back a better person, See the world, experience it - that is why we are here.....

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