Thursday, November 17, 2011

the week we got SNOW!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks, first getting laid off from my old job because no particular reason so i went job hunt crazy for two days straight - went on two interviews for some really nice jobs. And had snatched the Sales/Marketing job into my hands. Attaching my two letter of references from my college professors did their job. And there I had a job day after I left the motel, what are the chances. Was fate on my side or what!

It sure has been a adjustment period but each shift I am feeling more and more comfortable.

besides the fact that we got hit with a nasty snow fall which created the City of Edmonton to be at a stand till, which i was in the city for but I left just in time so I did not get stuck for that long but it did take longer than usual to leave the city.

Winter has arrived... November 14, 2011 - Almost had the entire month of November of winter free, really thought we could get to December without any snow. But getting through Middle of November was nice. Not like Calgary or the East Coast.

Picture taken downtown Edmonton, the view of the River valley and as you can tell not much of a view because of the blowing snow. I was impressed with everyone that day, they were actually driving slowly and not causing any accidents.

Started a mini countdown for my trip to London and Paris New Years, with a number... today it is at 40 days till I leave. Its creative and fun, so why not......

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