Thursday, November 03, 2011

Edmonton Icons

Although I may not like Edmonton as much as the average person. The city does have some nice qualities to it, and often gets compared to Calgary.
But matter of fact, Edmonton has more than you may realize. Even if Edmonton does not always showcase a warm inviting feeling but if you avoid the right parts then you will never have to witness that uninviting feel.

  • West Edmonton Mall
  • The Legislature Building
  • River Boat Cruise
  • Fort Edmonton Park
  • Edmonton Valley Zoo
  • and many big and open parks
  • Segway tours through the River Valley
  • Christmas Eve skating down at the Legislature Building

Driving or walking down 108th street, you may be facing one of the two depending on which direction you are facing.

Facing south on 108th street you will be looking at The Legislature Building.

And facing north on 108th street you will be looking at the arches of Grant Macewan, a University downtown Edmonton.

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