Sunday, August 14, 2011

Exploring Central Alberta (Day One)

When it comes to Alberta, People only realize it as where Jasper, Banff, Calgary or Edmonton is located. But what they do not know is all the other small Towns, Villages and Hamlets that make Alberta for what it is.

First stop of the day... Seba Beach, Alberta. Right now the population is currently sitting at 1,000. But here is the shocker part - it drops in the winter to about 60 people. So as the numbers show you - it tends to be more of a Summer home/getaway location. The Picture on the left used to be a Hotel, years back in its day - way before i started coming around and living in the area. Now it is just residences. But can not tear it down because it will cost a fortune. Although it does not need to come down, it is still in good stable condition just has a rustic look to it, so the owner is believe it or not spray painting it right to give it a more clean look to it.

Want to know the history of this Hamlet... Seba Beach? Just head on down to its Museum/gift shop. Yes that is correct gift shop. Everyone needs a little piece of Seba Beach in their Travel Souvenirs.
Another piece of history... The picture on your Left again was the Restaurant in town but then they sold it and the new owners did not want to keep it as a restaurant so they converted it to their own private residences. And the law of Seba Beach is once a building turned into residences, it can not be turned back into commercial. Seba Beach is very strict on how many businesses are allowed in our Hamlet because we do not want to be over runned by commercial. Which is lovely because who really needs a Wal-Mart, 2 minutes from their door? I don't.

Being called Seba Beach, it does have a Beach.. the Name does not lie.

It is not a glamour as Santa Monica Beach, or Greece or Hawaii but it is our Hamlet's Beach and we love it. This shot on the right was taken on Seba Days - during the sand castle building contest. It is a HUGE event that happens every August Long Weekend. Best way to explain it to outsiders is telling them it is our "canada day". We have a Parade, ice cream eating contest, Water Parade (Sail by), Volleyball, Land Events up at the school grounds, Farmers Market. It is a always a great day in Seba Beach during Seba Days.

Next Stop...

Lake Isle. I was on my way to Evansburg to run some errands when i noticed the Lake Isle sign straight ahead and since I have not been on the otherside before, i figured i would let my car take me for a drive. Lake Isle is just the opposite side of Seba Beach.

I thought the drive through Lake Isle would be something more spectacular... but nope! And the two roads that I did drive down that were somewhat more activity than others, i ended up to these Cul-De-Sac's but can we call really call them that when they do not have houses around them. The Cul-De-Sac I used to live in, in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta it was actually a Cul-De-Sac. Apparently Cul-De-Sac means something else in the country.

I was on hunt for the beach and i thought i was on way to finding a beach when i saw FRY's Beach sign... But no beach was found. Except for a boat launch, outhouses, camping stoves, and day camping lots.
But I was able to get a shot in of the Lake... so here located to your left, a shot of Lake Isle, Alberta. I made sure i got the two posts in with bushes around and the opening in the middle to showcase the lake. So there is my one Photography shot of the day.
Next Stop... Wabamun. A Village of 690 people and 20 minutes east of Seba Beach and Lake Isle.

Nature walking trail.. which you really get into nature there so be sure to wear your bug spray and is located a 5 minute walk from downtown Wabamun. But really you can walk from one end of Wabamun to the other in less than an hour so do not think it is a LONG walk because really it is not. Just out for a stroll with friends, or with your pet, or photography. You will enjoy the views.

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