Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Worst thing to lose while Traveling

Your Camera.... And i had the pleasure of losing it on my last adventure in Los Angeles, California (July 2011) on none other than my Birthday and It was only day two of the tour and i had already taken A TON of photos. At least I didn't pay anything for it... It was my Brother's old camera which he had given me for Christmas last year...

I was so bummed out but the next day i got over it and enjoyed a game of beer pong with my friends in Glendora, California. Had so much more exciting days to look forward to, like the Taping of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (July 21, 2011)... And it is not like i did not have a camera, Had my blackberry which they take really good pictures!! So the question will be... will I buy a new camera for my next Trip to London, England / Paris, France?

I just have been "burrowing" pictures from the Tour from fellow tour mates, as they post them on Facebook.


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