Monday, September 05, 2011

Contiki Hotel - Jasper, Alberta

Normally the only time I spend the night in a nice hotel is when I am on Contiki Holiday. But see a friend of mine who've i met on my LA Explorer Tour Last month - July 2011 was on his Canada Tour and had a stop over in Jasper so I went to go meet up with him and had the chance to catch up.

My Third Contiki Reunion this year.

I had found out which hotel was the Contiki Hotel and booked my one night. Free parking behind the hotel. Restaurant, Lounge and Gaming Lounge within the Hotel.

It had been a while i had been in the Town of Jasper - and it is not a big area, you can walk across one end of the town to the other in less than an hour. Do not forget to visit 'Jasper the Bear'

Read my other post on Jasper the Bear and his History.

Now this is the room I had stayed in, not being on a Contiki Tour - i had met up with my friend and went up to his room. Much nicer room and bigger if i may add. So do not worry you get a bigger and better room when you are on a Canadian Tour, on the stopover in Jasper, Alberta with Contiki.

Any guesses on how much this room cost? Queen sized bed, Shared bathroom down the hall, Cable TV, sink, Mountain View.

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