Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Contiki Friends and Acquaintances

In the past year I have met so many acquaintances and others that have become close friends.

Picture left: Alex, Corey (California), Brooke (Australia/Los Angeles), Myself, Robb (Boston) and Cameron.
We were the Pre-Departure group. Because since our tour manager did not arrive at the Pre-Departure meeting, the six of us went on a hunt to find a bar/pub in San Francisco and only had one drink at "Smugglers Cove" the rest of the time we just spent the time chatting.

Picture above:  Myself and Brooke. We on the other hand have become close friends. Had a "Contiki reunion" this past summer in July when i went to Los Angeles on my second Contiki Holiday.

Now let's see who else i have met through my travel years...

Picture Right: Oh Monte... What can i say about him. Our Tour Manager for New Years in San Francisco.

How do i explain Contiki New Year Tours... One word.... EPIC!!!!

Did not know partying with people that you've only met two days before New years could be SO MUCH FUN!!!

Picture Above: Myself and Trina. I was wearing that new years "hat" pretty much the whole night. I did not realize i was for most of the evening but the pictures showed me that i was. 

Picture left: Alex (Canada), Cameron (Australia), Trina (Canada) and Narlla (Brazil).

It was one big party, but again it was New Years.

Photo Above: Onwards to my second Contiki Tour in Los Angeles (LA Explorer) Lauren (Australia) and Myself on Angels Flight during our walking tour of Downtown LA. 

Picture Right: Tanya (Australia), Richo (Australia) and Myself (Canada). 

The Second Contiki in LA was pretty much 98% full of Australians. But remember that time of year is Australia's winter so everyone was escaping winter. Where I was escaping to find summer from summer. 

We've had a pretty lousy summer at the beginning of the season, with more rain that what we can handle. So escaping to Los Angeles gave me the chance to have a full summer. 

Picture above: Group shot of our Tour Group, LA Explorer after dinner and now taking the underground train to Hollywood to begin the Pub Crawl. Everyone is from Australia except for New Zealand, Canada and San Francisco.

Let's see who else have i met this year, that can't be all of them. There has to be more. 

Here we go, found some more fabulous people that i have met this year. 
Picture Left: Jenni (Toronto), Josie(Toronto) and myself. 

Onwards to the VIP Euro Bash Contiki in Calgary. #Haveyoudoneit Campaign, Just after one month after my first Contiki Tour.

Love you guys. Can't wait to see you all again soon.

Picture above: Brad (Toronto), Myself and Emily (Calgary).

Picture left: Myself and Monica (Toronto).
And Sheena (Calgary)

Met all these fabulous people in a year... whoa really! I was busy. Time flies when having fun. Wonder who else i will meet in the remaining year, the next and so forth.

Can't wait to meet you...

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