Wednesday, June 01, 2011

1 month to go

So here is something funny to tell you - Yesterday i was sitting at work at the Front Desk and glanced at the Calender and a little burst of excitement came out, it was priceless. It was so priceless that I can't do it the same way again... the small noise that came out with the burst of excitement, priceless! Still chuckling over it. Well here it has arrived.. 1 month left to go until my next Adventure with Contiki.

1 state, 3 nights hotel, 2 breakfasts, 1 dinner, and....... drum roll please...... 1 incomparable experience.

10 tens in total in the Golden State of California. Decided to stick around a few extra days and relax and take in the atmosphere of Los Angeles.

What is first on my agenda..... hopping off the plane at LAX.

 Take the shuttle to Kyoto Hotel.

Drop off my bags.

Head over to the tattoo parlor.

Get my second tattoo finally permanently inked onto my skin.

Meet up with the Tourmates...
Then start the greatest trip of the summer with Contiki.

I cannot wait to get back to Los Angeles, Santa Monica Beach... Oh my!! This time it will be HOT enough to get that bikini on and lay in the sun and scout out all the LA guys ;).

And only 1 month left to go! <3 :)

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  1. Exciting! I haven't been to southern california (except disneyland as a child) but I'm going to be down there in the coming months, I'll have to check out Santa Monica Beach. Have fun!